Petar Preradović

Poet, member of Illyrian movement, a candidate for Croatian ban and grandfather of the Austrian national anthem’s author, was born in Grabrovnica near Pitomača, where his birthplace is located. An exhibition about his life and work is arranged there.

Drago Britvić

According to many members of the former state, Drago Britvić was a poet who created the most beautiful lyrics for entertaining music, and thus enriched the broadest masses with a beautiful word.

Stjepan Sulimanac

Born in Turnašica. Štefina, as he was called by friends and acquaintances, has always been the protector of small people and peasants. Through his political engagement as vice-president of the Croatian Parliament, he has lobbied for Croatia and its ideals.

Marijan Jergović

An internist by profession, and a composer by soul, he is the conceptual founder of the festival in Pitomača.

Mirko Lauš

He is the founder and director of the Slavica Cinema Club at the Elementary School in Pitomača, with which he has achieved numerous notable results at home and abroad, and brought Croatian children’s filmmaking to the very top of the world.