Imagine a scene like this- a large meadow surrounded by an orchard with a pond in the middle, and next to it a tree house, an old romantic carriage, traditional wooden houses … And while the idyll of this landscape charms you, the smells of warm nettle bread and strudel reach you, you are distracted by several beauties- horses which invite you for a carriage ride or recreational horse riding. You can see that this scene is not a fictional fairy tale at the favourite excursion site in Podravina- Zlatni klas in Otrovanec, settled in a quiet, peaceful Pitomača area. Here you will feel the charm of time past, but not forgotten. Do you know how to grind grain on a manual mill? Or how to knead and bake bread in an old bread oven? The hosts will intrigue you, as well as younger generations with the display of various old crafts and will show you a valuable ethnographic collection that enriches the restaurant on the estate. Here you can taste domestic dishes whose recipes are written in their grandmothers’ old cookbooks. The speciality of the restaurant are nettle dishes, but there are pumpkins and herbs, corn flour mash with roasted onions and delicious soups. This is only part of the food offered in this unique menu.