The estate Zlatni klas is an ideal destination for day trips and nature classes for pre-schoolers and young elementary school students. In the surroundings of an idyllic farmyard, the hosts will introduce you to old customs such as grinding grain at a manual mill, weaving at a loom, baking bread in an old bread oven or carving wood. In the courtyard, children can find a tree house, an old car, swings, table tennis, a spacious meadow and a large orchard for playing and running, as well as a romantic pond. A horse farm of about a dozen horses gives you the pleasure of carriage rides and horse riding schools. The property is fenced and completely safe for a carefree stay and entertainment for groups of up to 2OO children accompanied by their teachers.

Zlatni klas restaurant offers a rich menu of selected local specialties, and its specialty is an interesting selection of vegetarian dishes. Take the opportunity to taste original, healthy food prepared according to our grandmothers’ traditional recipes. Particularly favourite are hot baked bread, baked pancakes and strudel. Young people enjoy excellent pizzas and fruit cups, and lovers of good wine have the opportunity to taste the best wines from the nearby vineyards and cellars of Bilogora. The restaurant area includes a spacious lounge with a dance floor, surround sound system, and disco lighting for big celebrations, weddings, dance nights, lectures and seminars for up to 300 guests, a cafe bar with lounges and an intimate dining room for 40 people. The whole restaurant is decorated with massive wooden beams, with a valuable ethnographic collection of restored old farmhouse items. From Zlatni klas you can explore the tourist attractions of Pitomača area.

We recommend sightseeing Križnica and the Drava, visiting the vineyards on the slopes of Bilogora, visiting the memorial museum at the poet Petar Preradović’s birthplace in Grabrovnica or taking a carriage ride through the centre of Pitomača. Zlatni klas restaurant and estate has been operating successfully for more than 25 years, since 1977, when our hosts Maca and Branko Tkalčec set out to achieve the dream of having a top-notch restaurant in the small place of Otrovanec. They soon gained a reputation that brings them guests from all over Croatia, from youngsters who have gone crazy at legendary dance and disco evenings, to distinguished delegations from the world of politics, business, sports and entertainment. Following modern trends in the tourist offer, Zlatni klas is becoming an exemplary estate of rural tourism nowadays, offering a return to the original values ​​of nature, healthy homemade food, socializing with animals and a friendly welcome.

Address: Otrovanec 228, 33405 Pitomača

Tel: 033/714-114

Mob: 099 2318781, 098 9028208