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Cultural Center “Drago Britvić” Pitomača

Address: King Tomislav Square 2, 33405 Pitomača


Acting Director: Rajko Stilinović

The activities of the Institution are:

– unifying and coordination of the work of all institutions, cultural destinations and events in the area of Pitomača municipality,
– newspaper activities – publishing,
– performing organizational tasks in the protection and preservation of recorded cultural assets in the area of Pitomača municipality,
– organizing theater performances and musical-stage performances,
– cinematic activities – shows,
– organizing workshops in the fields of culture, art and information,
– organizing cultural events that are significant for the municipality of Pitomača,
– research and experimental development in social sciences, humanities and interdisciplinary sciences,
– organizing exhibitions, lectures and promotions,
– educational activities – through the organization of courses, seminars and workshops.

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