Spiritual life has been a hallmark of Croatians since their arrival to these areas. It is also very intense in Pitomača, and each settlement has its own chapel or church dedicated to one of the patron saints. The parish church of St. Vid in Pitomača is the largest and is a protected heritage site. In 1968, it was devastated by a terrible fire, but hardworking parishioners managed to rebuild it, and in 2015 it shone with full splendour. Otrovanec prides itself in the chapel of St. Jelena and a beautiful baroque altar. Traveling towards Bilogora, we come to Sedlarica, which has a beautiful chapel on top of a hill, in the middle of the last resting place of the locals. A beautiful wooden chapel that found its home in the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb once stood here. The Church of the Holy Trinity in Turnašica dominates the rural hills and the idyllic sub-Bilogora landscape.