Bilogora is the lowest, but if measured by expanse, one of Croatia’s largest hills. Its secluded forest and aromatic meadows among the weekend houses on its slopes call for exploration while feeling all the beauty of the nature’s harmony and hardworking human hands.

Its entire surface is covered with plants. There are lower hills under vineyards, orchards and arable land, and above them is the forest, mostly deciduous. Here you can find mixed oak and hornbeam forests and beech forests dominated by oak, common hornbeam, beech and, in some places, maple. The layer of shrubs, that is not particularly developed, consists of: hazel, common spindle, hawthorn… In the ground layer: dog’s mercury, puncture vine, blackberry, raspberry, woodruff, wood sedge, anemone, arum, etc.

According to the ecological network of Croatia and the European Union NATURA 2000, Bilogora is an internationally important bird protection area (SPA), which breeds bird populations listed in the Red Data Book of Endangered Birds of Croatia.