The right to access information owned, disposed of or controlled by the Tourist Board of Pitomača Municipality is regulated by the Law on Access to Information (Official Gazette 25/13); amendment (OG 85/15).

The law also prescribes the principles of the right of access, exceptions to the right of access and the procedure for exercising and protecting the right of access to information. The objective of the law is to enable and provide information to natural and legal persons through the openness and publicity of the activities of public authorities in accordance with the law.
The right to information is realized by submitting a request to the Croatian National Tourist Board (request). If the request is made in writing, the information access request form can be filled in the following way:

  • to the address: Turistička zajednica općine Pitomača, Ljudevita Gaja 26/1, 33 405 Pitomača
  • by e-mail to the informing official: turisticka@pitomaca.hr,
  • brought in person to the Tourist Office of the Tourist Board of Pitomača Municipality, on weekdays from 7:30 to 14:30.

Informing official:

Ivona Pankaz, struč.spec.oec.

mobile phone: 091 620 2088